Benefits of using an IT recruitment agency

Published on 1st March 2022 by InterEx Group


InterEx Group has put together a few benefits of using an IT recruitment agency, and how it can improve YOUR next onboarding process.

Why Companies Use Recruiters:

1.) Access to niche high quality candidates

2.) Extensive knowledge of the industry

3.) High-speed onboarding

4.) Cost-efficient

5.) Protects against inadequate candidates

6.) Manageable timeframes

7.) Allows companies to focus on other aspects of running a business

8.) This is what recruiters are best at: finding top talent

These are all sound reasons, although we are far more than just a recruitment agency, as you will read next…

There is a common misconception with IT recruitment agencies, many companies believe that once they have commissioned a group of consultants to help them with the hiring process, the rest is just plain sailing. In fact, it’s much more about the aftercare and follow up process which leads to a successful hire. InterEx own one of the most robust aftercare models globally, this well thought out model is applied to both contract and FTE placements and makes sure retention rates remain way above industry standards.

An IT recruitment agency that keeps regular contact with the candidates and clients ensures the success of the candidate and the business itself. InterEx also guarantees that every consultant maintains transparent relationships with everyone they place, as well as being helpful and approachable.

If you want to find out more on how InterEx can boost your staffing strategy and become your next trusted IT recruitment agency, get in touch now here or visit our LinkedIn page.

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