Best Questions to ask as an IT Recruitment Consultant

Published on 4th March 2022 by InterEx Group


If you put an inexperienced IT recruitment consultant and an elite IT recruitment consultant, in a room with a potential client, there would be a very noticeable difference…the amount of information they obtain from the quality/quantity of questions asked. You can’t go wrong with thorough, well thought out questions, especially in this market.

With the right questions, you can lead an entire sales conversation and uncover a lot more about a potential client’s needs, which will therefore demonstrate to the client how valuable you will be to their business. Anybody can simply ask questions, but it is the experienced IT recruitment consultants that show they are the expert.

The good:

“What is unique about your business compared to your competitors?”

This is a good way of identifying what makes their company special and would make them stand out amongst the rest, this could include incentives, holidays, healthcare, car benefit etc.


The bad:

“What is your budget for this project?”

This question isn’t great because it assumes that the prospect or client has a budget, making it seem more focused on the money rather than getting to know the client and their needs. The discussion of money shouldn’t be the initial concern.


The ugly:

“So can you tell me a little about your business?”

This is not a good start! You should have done your research before getting to this point, as an expert you show you understand the company and their needs. This simply exhibits your inability and lack of experience.


The importance of listening:

It might seem obvious but listening to what clients are saying is the starting point for making any consulting project a success. If you don’t listen carefully to what the client wants and expects from you as an IT recruitment consultant, you will have no way of understanding how to provide them with the best results.

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