Innovative Cloud, Microsoft, and Data Staffing

We offer a range of staffing products to provide you with the most flexible and efficient service possible, for contractor searches, permanent hires or building out entire teams.

Freelance Headhunt

Our specialised consultants work with you to actively headhunt premium candidates or source experts from one of the largest Cloud & Microsoft candidate communities internationally.


Build teams with our flexible staffing solution, which is 40% more cost effective than engaging with a traditional consultancy or Microsoft partner.

Team Ramp Ups

As market leaders in delivering quality teams with speed, we can build teams of 50+ experts within a 1-3 week timeframe.

Multi-Hire Delivery

A committed and highly cost-effective partnership-based service to support customers with multiple hires across our core products.

Retained Search

Secure Cloud, Microsoft, and Data experts with InterEx as your trusted staffing partner.

Take Your Hiring Experience to the Next Level

Looking for Cloud, Microsoft, and Data experts? Here’s why you should start your search with us.


Highly Specialised Consultants

Community of 25,000+ Candidates

Flexible Solutions & Pricing Options

Guaranteed Delivery within 48h

Video Interview on Custom Build Platform


Access Off-Market Skills

Maximum Agility

Save Time

Broader Reach

Cost Effective



Qualified and quality profiles are sent within 24-48 hours


Interviews are guaranteed leading to...


... the 1 requirement filled instead of the perfect placement made.



We send up to 5 qualified top class profiles within 1 week


Qualified with our own video interview software sent to the client


Out of those we ensure you will want to have 3 interviews


... your perfect placement will be guaranteed

Client Reviews

“InterEx are very efficient staffing experts. They managed to build a professional and multicultural team for our Dynamics 365 FO project in a very short period of time. They are reliable, reactive and very accessible. They also have a deep understanding of the technical dimension of the staffing business. I would be pleased to work with InterEx again.”

CEO, Information and Technology Service Firm

“Working with professionals like InterEx only brings you success. They are dedicated and open with us, which has helped us grow our business. I would strongly recommend InterEx as one of the top recruitment agencies in Europe that you can rely on.”

SVP, IT Firm

“InterEx is very aware of what clients need and how a candidate’s capabilities match with those needs. They try to meet both parties’ interests very carefully. I highly recommend their cooperation for future needs.”

Cloud CoE Director

“The InterEx team know the Dynamics & Cloud market very well. I have been working with InterEx for many years and would highly recommend the team. In short, InterEx is prompt, practical and pragmatic in their approach, which makes them one of the best in the field.”

VP of Projects

“The InterEx consultants have done a great job for me throughout all these years that I have known them. They are always hands-on and follow up with me throughout the whole project period.”

Director of Digital Transformation