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Managing your own consultancy or recruitment business can leave you feeling a bit swamped, especially when you are also trying to find, train and onboard new employees. This can include jobs such as Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Engineer and many more. Each of these job roles belongs to a specialist industry and therefore needs specialist knowledge to fulfil, which can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. It could prove difficult for you to manage this process yourself, especially if you are new to the market and don’t have the access to the relevant candidates. Keep reading to find out some top tips on how to enhance your hiring process, and how to make the most of staffing solutions.

Think about what roles you need to fill

First of all, you need to think about what positions you need to fill. It could be helpful to make a plan to help you visualise the ideal candidate, and also to figure out if you require the helping hand of staffing solutions. It would also be worth thinking about why you need to hire for specific roles, as this could make you realise that you are hiring unnecessarily or inefficiently. Once you know the hires you plan to make, set timeframes on when you want the positions filled- this level of organisation going forward will dramatically increase the coherence of your hiring process and beyond.

As well as this, discuss the new roles with your colleagues to see if they can increase their workload, you may discover that you can distribute the work to others as opposed to hiring new employees. If this process helps you to understand that you do need a new hire, but it’s not required immediately, you can take your time when searching for the ideal candidate due to the low urgency (which can prove useful when jobs need to have multiple interviews). This process may also bring to light how much you need a particular employee…either way, these steps will get you started with your hiring process.

Visual your Ideal Candidate

Once you have your list of jobs that need filling, you next need to have a clear idea of the candidate you want to fill them- this is particularly important to consider ahead of posting a job ad. Try asking yourself why a certain person is right for the job, this could be specific qualifications, working visa, skillset, and experience. Whichever you think would be suitable for the given position, make sure to include it within the job specification to make it easier to locate the perfect candidate.

While looking through applications, if you find yourself looking at multiple profiles that do not specifically match your vision or don’t offer what you were hoping for, move on to the next! Try not to waste your valuable time analyzing candidates that don’t fit with your company, only focus on those that offer all the requirements you need and will help your company grow and succeed. At the end of the day, you will be paying this person to make the company more successful so it’s vital that they work to the potential you want them to.

Why should they work for you?

It’s a two-way street, you need to be able to offer these candidates reasons for wanting them to work for you. These could be things like incentives, close relationships with seniority, company trips or salary. If you cannot offer your potential employees (as well as your current employees) a reason to stay at your company, it’s possible you could lose them. If they are doing a great job for you and making the business lots of revenue, it’s only right this is awarded too! This also goes for employees that have already been hired, it’s important to remain competitive in this area as you could lose great candidates to other companies due to a lack of appreciation or duty of care.

If you have read up to this point and think that you require the help of a specialist staffing solution company, you can contact us for more information here.

Staffing Solutions

Using a Staffing Service

Staffing solutions are a great resource if you don’t have the time to do all the above, especially when you’re operating within a niche industry. Specialist recruitment companies such as InterEx are extremely accommodating to those wishing to hire for a new role, job requirements and timescales are taken into account and interviews are always guaranteed within the agreed timeframes. As well as this, staffing companies will have access to a huge catalogue of candidates and will know a lot about the market and its competitors.

Recruitment companies are there for everything from the initial recruitment process to the interviews and onboarding. Making the most of staffing services such as this will relieve the pressure of managing your business and allow you to focus on more important areas of your workflow. Over time you will acquire skilled and valuable employees almost effortlessly, finding the right employee for a certain job can be stressful so contact InterEx Group and we can help your business expand smoothly and organically.

InterEx Group know the secret of finding the perfect candidates quickly and easily, we are knowledgeable in all forms of staffing solutions and have helped many world-class clients gain great employees over the years. As well as our extended knowledge of the market, we also understand what competitive companies offer and how this can improve your chances of finding the perfect candidate before anyone else.

If you feel that your company needs an extra hand from a staffing company, let the transparent and experienced consultants at InterEx make the process that little bit easier for you. Are you ready to let InterEx handle your next hiring process? Reach out now to discuss how we can provide the best results for your company, or alternatively, keep up to date with us on Linkedin.

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