Expert Cloud, Security, Microsoft, and Data Talent Services

Our goal at InterEx has always been to provide the best, most agile talent options to our clients worldwide. The InterEx Staffing team has built a proven track record of delivering expert personalised staffing solutions. At the InterEx Consulting division we leverage our specific market knowledge and talent provision expertise to support our customers in achieving their business objectives. Our global delivery function ensures the international success rate of our staffing and consulting teams.



Since our inception, InterEx has maintained a niche focus on Cloud, Microsoft, and BI & Data technologies. All of our consultants are specialists in their fields, able to understand and enhance your teams, projects and strategic goals.



Our flexible products and pricing options ensure that we can tailor talent solutions perfectly to your needs and objectives, whether you are looking for a freelance headhunt or a multi-hire team expansion.



We have a proven track record at scaling teams rapidly. The speed of our services is unmatched, with only 24 hours from your first conversation with us to the first excellent proposal.

  • Felt like their consultant is an industry expert
  • Agree with us being the market leader for Cloud, Microsoft and BI Staffing
  • Of our permanent candidates we place stay for a minimum of 2 years
  • Of our customers are returning
  • Of our contractors work with us again when assignment finishes

Trusted Partners

We work with leading firms worldwide to provide expert staffing and consulting solutions. Our services are efficient and deliver results, which is why 90% of our customers work with us again.

Client Reviews

“InterEx are very efficient staffing experts. They managed to build a professional and multicultural team for our Dynamics 365 FO project in a very short period of time. They are reliable, reactive and very accessible. They also have a deep understanding of the technical dimension of the staffing business. I would be pleased to work with InterEx again.”

CEO, Information and Technology Service Firm

“Working with professionals like InterEx only brings you success. They are dedicated and open with us, which has helped us grow our business. I would strongly recommend InterEx as one of the top recruitment agencies in Europe that you can rely on.”

SVP, IT Firm

“InterEx is very aware of what clients need and how a candidate’s capabilities match with those needs. They try to meet both parties’ interests very carefully. I highly recommend their cooperation for future needs.”

Cloud CoE Director

“The InterEx team know the Dynamics & Cloud market very well. I have been working with InterEx for many years and would highly recommend the team. In short, InterEx is prompt, practical and pragmatic in their approach, which makes them one of the best in the field.”

VP of Projects

“The InterEx consultants have done a great job for me throughout all these years that I have known them. They are always hands-on and follow up with me throughout the whole project period.”

Director of Digital Transformation