Tips from top employment agency for 2022 hires

Published on 3rd March 2022 by InterEx Group


Recognising the importance of hiring top talent is crucial, and the initial attraction and retention of hired candidates can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when you are navigating through a niche market. Partnering with a top employment agency like InterEx Group can help with every step of the process by identifying and attracting top-quality candidates, keeping constant contact with both candidates and clients, and maintaining a transparent relationship thereafter.

Here are some valid reasons for using a top employment agency like InterEx:

1.) Access to a wide range of candidates

Talented job seekers often turn to specialist recruitment agencies to save them the time and effort of finding the right role, that’s why top employment agencies such as InterEx have access to such a wide range of top talent.


2.) Speedy hiring process

An efficient and well-established employment agency will have immediate access to candidate profiles on its extensive databases. The vast selection of connections and profiles within their specific networks leads to a straight forward, coherent hire process.


3.) Extensive market knowledge

Client requirements can be extremely particular which often makes finding the right candidate more difficult, but this process becomes a lot more manageable with the help of a  team of experienced consultants (this is where industry expertise and market knowledge proves valuable). Once partnered with a top employment agency, you can be assured that all future hires will be effortless and swift as they will know the vital skillset and qualities that are best suitable for your company.


4.) Retention strategies

Companies often think that once they have found top tier talent, they don’t need to do anything else. Once candidates have completed the onboarding process, it’s important to keep in contact with both clients and candidates to follow up with them on topics such as performance and feedback. It’s incredibly important to exercise effective retention strategies to spend less time and money on training and project costs, increase productivity and improve company culture and employee engagement. 


To hear more about how InterEx Group can help you meet your staffing needs in 2022 and become your next top employment agency, get in touch here or keep up to date with us on LinkedIn.

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